Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trusting God

Here's a conversation Bob Dutko just had with a caller here in Detroit, which I'm just going to transcribe as best I can from memory.

Caller: Bob, I don't understand why people call into question whether Barack Obama is a Christian and not John McCain. John McCain says that he sometimes gambles. He supports gun rights, and guns kill people. How is that Christian?

Bob: How is it un-Christian to own a gun?

Caller: Guns kill people, Bob.

Bob: Swords kill people to. Should Christians not have swords.

Caller: No they should not.

Bob: So Jesus was wrong to tell his followers to get swords.

Caller: Jesus said if you live by the sword you die by the sword.

Bob: Yes he did. But he also said get a sword. You don't agree with Jesus?

The caller generally refused to deal with the contradiction and questioned the faith of those that don't trust God to protect them.

Bob: You're not answering my question. Tell you what. I'll answer your question if you agree to answer mine. Why should Christians have tools to protect themselves? Because there is nothing un-Christian about protecting yourself. Do you lock your doors at night?

Caller: No.

Bob: You don't lock your doors at night. Do you ever lock your car when you go to a dangerous place?

Caller: No. The Bible says faith like a mustard seed can cast a mountain into the sea. If faith can do that, why do I need to be concerned about locking my doors?

Bob: If you had children and you lived in a dangerous area you wouldn't lock your doors at night?

Caller: No, I would not, Bob.

Bob: You wouldn't lock your home in a dangerous place to protect innocent children? Ok, how about this. Do you leave your money laying around where anyone can get it? Would you blindfold yourself and just walk across a busy freeway?

Caller: Well no. In that case there is a really good chance of getting hurt, but break ins don't happen that often.

Bob: What does that have to do with it? If you're trusting God the chances shouldn't matter?

Caller: Ok Bob. Since you put it that way, I will walk across a freeway blindfolded. My faith is that strong.

Bob: But that's testing God. You shouldn't test God. Gotta run. More of your calls next folks.

No joke. Sounded like a younger person. I seriously hope he doesn't really do this.

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kerrin said...

talk radio has serious issues... this is grieving, indeed.