Monday, February 1, 2010

Look to International News

I believe we Americans are very much submerged within a news structure that is very popagandistic. It's worthwhile to look to international sources. Here's a sampling of some news not covered in the U.S. that is important.

The first is important not just because of the seriousness of the issue, but also because it is has been widely covered in foreign press. There is reason to believe that U.S. personnel were responsible for a huge atrocity in Afghanistan that is comparable to 9-11. Perhaps thousands of Taliban fighters that had surrendered were killed in a horrific way and buried in mass graves. This incident in captured in a documentary called Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death. You can watch the film online. An early screening was shown at European Parliament in Brussels. The final screening was broadcast in a variety of countries. The film was not screened in the U.S. and has received no media coverage here.

The claim is that these Afghans were loaded into containers extremely tightly. The containers were closed as the trucks sat in the sweltering heat. The men cried out for air and the response was to riddle the containers with bullet holes, killing those near the sides. They rode in these containers for hours. Apparently they resorted to biting one another and licking sweat from skin in order to get fluids. When the containers were finally opened the stench of vomit, feces, urine, rotting flesh, and blood were released. Most inside were dead. Those that weren't yet dead were shot in the head. The corpses were dumped in mass graves. This was the fate of thousands.

Other more recent foreign news is that U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan are at record levels. Of the 12 that occurred in January 10 went wrong and failed to hit their targets, killing 123 people. The remaining 2 killed 3 Al Qaeda leaders. The increase is apparently due to the suicide attack that killed 7 CIA agents. Interestingly the suicide bomber was motivated by a U.S. drone attack that had killed a TTP chief. What should we expect will happen as drone attacks are increased?

Canada is talking about some news. On The Fifth Estate they revealed that there is no reason to believe the 9/11 hijackers used box cutters. The claim was made by Ted Olsen. Olsen is known for being the lawyer that argued before the Supreme Court in Bush v Gore. He was Bush's attorney. He said that he received a call from his wife, Barbara Olsen, while she was aboard the plane that hit the Pentagon. I personally watched his description of the calls, which I believe I saw on CNN. Now it turns out those calls never happened. Olsen was either duped or he was lying. This means nothing as far as 9/11 conspiracies in my mind, but I'd think it would be newsworthy in the States. It hasn't been covered to my knowledge.

Here's a story that did get some U.S. coverage, but have you heard of it? This AP article suggests Pat Tillman may have been murdered. I'm making no claim one way or the other, but notice the lack of coverage.


HispanicPundit said...

I've heard the other stories...but not the Afghan Massacre. Looking into it, it's a bit misleading to describe it solely as "U.S. personnel were responsible for a huge atrocity in Afghanistan".

Here what Wiki says: "...about alleged war crimes committed by Afghan Northern Alliance troops under General Abdul Rashid Dostum against Taliban fighters. "

Big difference than how you presented it, wouldn't you say?

Doesn't mean it shouldn't be investigated and those involved shouldn't be punished...but it does matter WHO is doing the atrocities.

The Ted Olson thing is VERY shocking. I still cant get over it. If it turns out to be true - and my quick google searching seems to imply it does - than I would raise the probably that 9/11 was an inside job from nearly zero to 'worth investigating'.


Jon said...

If you watch the documentary you'll see that the claim is the Afghan general works directly for the U.S. government and the CIA. Also U.S. personnel were present and were in command throughout all of this. There is video in the documentary of the events at the time and U.S. personnel are clearly present. They don't have video of the executions of the survivors at the mass grave locations, but the documentary claims that video did exist and was sold and they claim that U.S. personnel are present in that video. So I think the way I described it is fair. So by "responsible" I mean the U.S. military was in command and was present and participating. Also General Dotsum's people were presented and did most of the leg work so they obviously are also responsible and guilty of war crimes.