Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hezbollah More Tolerant Than Americans?

Unfortunately Americans oppose the creation of a mosque a few blocks from where the trade towers used to stand. Would that they were more tolerant. Like Hezbollah?

Lebanon has been subjected to devastating and frequent invasions by Israel. In 1982 they were subjected to an absurdly immoral and illegal invasion. 17,000 civilians were killed in just a few months. The most recent invasion was in 2006 wherein over a thousand civilians were killed and a million displaced. Keep in mind this is not a large country. It's about the size of Los Angeles county.

So one might think they would get pretty hostile at the thought of major reconstruction on a synagogue in the heart of Beirut. Here's what a spokesperson for Hezbollah, Israel's sworn enemy and major political party in Lebanon, had to say about it.

"We respect Judaism, just as we respect Christianity. Our only problem is with Israel."

Distinguishing the religion generally from the few violent elements within it that happen to be religious? That's an interesting concept. Newt Gingrich could learn a thing or two from Hezbollah.

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