Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Intelligent Design On Trial Airs Tonight on PBS

It starts at 8 tonight for me. Hat tip to Atheism Sucks for drawing my attention to this (even though so far Frank hasn't approved my comments on his blog).


Frank Walton said...

Well, if you didn't act like a jack ass, I'll approve your comments.

Jon said...

When did I act like a jack ass?

Anonymous said...

Jon, Frank typically will not post comments if they completely refute his assertions or if they call him out on his nonsense. Then he'll post something like "Jon, dude, I'm not going to post your comments until you can learn to stop cussing and to stop using ad hominem attacks" (even if you didn't cuss at all and there were no ad hominem attacks in your comment). That's typical Frank, and it's one of the reasons he will never be a serious Christian apologist.