Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Significant New Archaelogical Find

A stone tablet found in the area of the Dead Sea that dates to the decades just prior to Jesus' birth apparently communicates that a Jewish leader will be slain and resurrected in three days.

We've heard from such people as William Lane Craig and N.T. Wright that the concept of a singular resurrection prior to the general resurrection had no precedent in the Jewish mind and that Jews had no concept of a dying and rising Messiah. The former point is belied by the gospels themselves, which inform us that some of Jesus' followers believed him to be either Elijah or John the Baptist raised from the dead (Mt 16:14), and that Herod also believed that the beheaded John the Baptist was raised from the dead (Mk 6:16). This tablet would further confirm the apologetic error on that point and also suggest that Craig and Wright are wrong that this concept of a dying and rising savior was completely foreign to the Jewish mind.

HT: Greg Krehbiel


Steven Carr said...
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Steven Carr said...

'...foreign to the Jewish mind'?

Jews, of course, could never think of anything new.

The 'Jewish mind' would reject 'completely foreign' concepts.

I wonder if Wright and Criag realise how inherently racist their apologetics is?

Crowhill said...

It's rather astonishing to claim that some group could not have considered something-or-other.

OTOH, it's rather astonishing when some groups never do consider something -- like Aztecs never developing the wheel!

Steven Carr said...

Do you need a wheel in mountainous countries?

Did the Spaniards take wheels with them when going to Central and South America?