Monday, November 17, 2008

The Christian Coalition for Gamblers

An interesting description of how lobbying works in America. Why would Ralph Reed work on behalf of the gambling industry? Why would Corning Inc., normally a Republican friendly company, suddenly shift and support Hillary Clinton? Find out.


Hezekiah Garrett said...

Those of us with the cultural background to understand the "apocryphal" (it is anything but...) opening story immediately recognise that it just exonerates Reed. Baptist ladies would never take a bootlegger's money if that is where they knew it came from.

Of course, as long as the stakes are fair and everyone can afford what they are likely to lose, we catholics have no problems with gambling.

Screws up your headlines, I know, but then, somehow I doubt fealty to truth is among your cheif concerns.

Jon said...

I'm afraid I'm not getting you, Franklin. Of course Baptist ladies wouldn't take money from bootleggers if they knew where it was coming from. Maybe Reed wouldn't either. Or maybe he would. Who knows? The Christian Coalition worked on behalf of the gamblers whether they knew it or not. My headline is intact.