Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things To Admit When You Are a Lame Duck

Well, at least something positive can be said of our President. Bush doubts that the Bible is literally true and seems to believe in evolution. Good for him. I'd prefer a President wrong on evolution and maybe more wrong about the Bible that didn't involve us in unnecessary wars and didn't accelerate our bankruptcy the way he did, but what can you do.


kerrin said...

True dat. This just seems to confirm he's a politician first. Not the "spiritual conservative" those who's vote he won would like to believe. So now, when it doesn't concern their votes, he share this... typical politician concerned with power and money... augh.

Steven Carr said...

I view this as a war of good, decent people of all faiths against people who murder innocent people to achieve a political objective.

Has Bush not learned from Jesus that nobody is innocent?

Jesus condemned everybody when he asked who could throw the first stone.

I'm surprised George doesn't know basic Christianity , auch as that all are sinful and that nobody is innocent.

Or perhaps he sees how that conflicts with reality?