Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Resolve the Palestinian Conflict: Surrender

To the Palestinians of Gaza:

What's happening today in Gaza is awful. What's happened to you for decades is awful. Your children were killed. Your wives and mothers, husbands, sister, and brothers destroyed. Your wealth has been stolen. You have been wronged. Will it ever end? I don't know. But it could. If only you would give up.

I understand why you weren't happy about the massive influx of Jews in the 40's. Muslims and Jews had previously lived in peace and harmony for centuries prior to WWII. Now huge numbers of European Jews were entering your land. Nobody else would accept them. Even the United States. We didn't want a huge influx of foreigners, just like nobody else did. You were stuck with them. Your land was taken. Believe me, Americans can identify with this. You should see how fired up some people get about a little illegal immigration from Mexico.

I know that it was Israel that violated the recent cease fire. I know they killed gunmen. I know that your people are starving and dying due to the embargo imposed since Hamas was elected. And frankly, I understand why you elected Hamas, and why you want to see Israel destroyed after all you've gone through. Americans understand that revenge is sweet.

Retaliation with your rockets was certainly understandable. And I know you didn't kill anybody with them, since the rockets are so impotent. But now Israel has retaliated back and killed a thousand people. They're dumping white phosphorous on you. They're blowing up your schools. They're killing your kids. All because you reacted to their aggression in a very expected way.

Has it been worth it? Are you still holding out hope that the world will recognize the injustices perpetrated against you and do something to stop it? When will you learn that this is not going to happen? Sure, plenty of resolutions condemning Israel have passed at the U.N., but what has that accomplished?

Here are the facts. You have sticks and stones. Israel has GPS guided missiles. You have home made bombs. Israel has F-16's. You have pathetic rockets that usually land in the street, hurting nobody. Israel has 400 nuclear warheads. Do you seriously think there is anything you can do?

If a group of foreigners approached my home with 30 tanks, 40 fighter jets, and a few nukes pointed at me and said "Get lost. We're taking your house." you know what I'd do? I'd swallow my pride and evacuate my house. I love my wife and kids too much. And frankly, I kind of enjoy life too. I'd live in a tent if necessary. I'd get by.

Say to the Israeli's: "You are our masters. We will do whatever you say. We will give you our homes. We will not involve ourselves in politics if you prefer. We will pay the poll tax. What rightfully belonged to us is now yours."

Is it right? Of course not. But at least you will grow old with your spouse. At least you will see your kids grow up. Life is not fair. Justice is not served. But you have no alternative.

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Anonymous said...

the human spirit is a funny thing... didn't someone write once..."i will not go quietly into the night..."

that is a truth of the human spirit i hope people call out if my home is a flames..