Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jerry Coyne's Links

I just finished a great book by Jerry Coyne. "Why Evolution is True." This is the perfect book to give to the evolution skeptic. Not too long. Fun to read. Packed with great information.

He has some interesting links in his notes section as well as other online resources. I'm providing the links here.

From the Notes

1-Evolution Timeline
2-Two creationist views of "kinds" and a rebuttal
3-Description of how "Dave," the first Sinornithosaurus specimen was found and prepared
4-NOVA documents the finding of Microraptor gui and subsequent controversy about whether it flew
5-Watch a water chevrotain taking to water to avoid an eagle
6-Video of how wings are used in mating
7-Animation of continental drift. More detailed info here.
8-Graphic video of Japanese hornets destroying introduced bees
9-Video of gliding ants
10-Explanation of the long tongue of the woodpecker
11-Sage grouse strutting on the lek
12-Bonobos walking upright
13-Video documenting the preserved footprints of ancient hominids
14-Discussion of creationist treatment of the fossil record

Online Resources

1-Depiction of Human Evolution
2-Complete Works of Charles Darwin
3-Evolution Evidence Page
4-Refuting Creationism
5-The National Center for Science Education
6-PBS Evolution Page
7-The Panda's Thumb
8-Talk Origins and the best online guide to the evidence for evolution
9-LaeLaps (a blog)
10-This Week in Evolution (another blog)

My evangelical Hugh Ross loving brother has promised to read Coyne's book if only I read Hugh Ross's "Origins of Life" book. No need to twist my arm. I'm looking forward to the Ross book. I'll write a critical review and I'm trying to convince my brother to review Coyne. I'll post his review here.

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