Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Is Terrorism Mr. Dutko?

I spoke with Bob Dutko yesterday and asked him to tell me what terrorism is. Seems that when enemies of the U.S. government are violent against civilians that's terrorism, but when the U.S. government is violent towards civilians that's freedom fighting or spreading democracy or something like that. How does Bob react to the claim? Listen here.

It was a good week to discuss this issue because Bob Dutko has been expressing outrage that the Libyan convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight 103 has been realeased by the Scottish government since he has terminal cancer and is expected to die within 3 months. After all, he's a terrorist. Right?

If you look into this case you might find that his conviction is somewhat dubious. There is good reason to think that Iran is responsible and acted in retaliation to the bombing of Iran Air Flight 655. I've yet to hear Bob Dutko express outrage about that incident. No need to release those responsible for that from prison since of course they never went. In fact they were awarded combat medals for their service.

I'm sensing that Bob more and more is attempting to prevent me from expressing myself clearly as it seems he used to do. There are more interruptions, more talking over. For instance at about the 7:34 mark he completes his thought that he doesn't see America in the negative light that I do. I tried to respond that I distinguish between America and the American government. Criticizing U.S. policy is not the same thing as hating America. Here's how it goes, with him cutting me off loudly to prevent me from being heard.

Bob-If this is your passion of what drives you, look how bad America is, but by the way I'm not Anti American
Jon-I don't
Bob-Whatever. I don't know how to speak to that
Jon-I don't say America is the same as the government. (This is hard to hear as he speaks over it).
Bob-I don't see America in the same light as you do.
Jon-There's a distinction between (Again this is cut off and I know I can't be heard so I stop again.)
Bob-I don't see America in the same light as you do.
Jon-(Finally he lets me through) There's a difference between America and the American government.

By jumping in repeatedly, saying the same thing that he's already said, so he's adding nothing in terms of content, he in my view attempts to trip me up in my train of thought and make the expression of my thoughts difficult.

I have to admit that I jump in as well, but this is because Bob more and more is filibustering. During the call which went 8:45 I was able to speak uninterrupted for 2:45 and if Bob with his O'Reilly style of cutting me off had his way it would be less.

People ask me why I bother with such treatment. It's not like I'm "winning" in the eyes of his listeners. Of course how can I win when he dominates the microphone, talks over and cuts me off as he does. But I wonder if maybe 1 in 100 listeners might look into Nicaragua or other atrocities committed by the U.S. government and take notice that the scale of many of these atrocities that they've never heard of make the events of 9/11 look small. And they might wonder why they've never heard of them and they might begin to understand this world a little better.

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Lumberjack said...

Jon, this guy lines up right along with holocost deniers...