Monday, July 26, 2010

Bob Dutko's Chutzpah

Bob Dutko likes to make this argument with regards to evolution and information. Evolution must be false because you never have a generational increase in information, and this is required for evolution to take place.

This is all false as I discuss here. As I document at the prior link I tried to call Bob and challenge this claim but he basically wouldn't allow it.

In my view Bob was basically caught off guard with my question. All he's doing is repeating an argument he's heard elsewhere but probably doesn't understand. I can certainly understand why he doesn't want to put me on the air, though I don't think it's very decent of him. If however he'd like to retain even a modicum of decency he should in my mind at least refrain from making this argument.

Nope. Today in the 2 o'clock hour he went right through the same old talking points on evolution. You never have a generational increase in genetic information, but only a reshuffling of existing information. He'll peddle this line, but anybody that would call in and challenge that on what he calls "Open Line Friday" will be blocked.

He also continues to assert that on the evolutionary view the majority of fossils discovered should appear to be freakish transitional animals. I corrected him on this before as well on the air, informing him that since the vast bulk of animals that have ever lived are extinct in fact what we should expect to find is mostly creatures that look like nothing that presently lives. He babbled and dissembled in reply.

But I think this point I made to him a year and a half ago may have in fact sunk in slightly. Bob's evolution discussion is apparently something he wrote up a while back and whenever he discusses evolution he uses the same material. I suppose this is why he made the argument regarding information. It's in the talking points he wrote way back when. So while that didn't change he did add something that was new this time. He did say that evolutionists claim that the things in the fossil record should be extinct animals. This is a new part of his talking points to my knowledge and in fact contradicts his earlier claim that evolutionists expect the fossil record to reveal a slew of transitional forms. Is the bulk of finds transitions or extinct animals? Is it supposed to be both? But with regards to the claim that they are extinct, his response was simple. Deny it. Say that no, in fact when you look to the fossil record it looks just like stuff that exists today. This is a blatant falsehood that is easily exposed with minimal research.

The fact that the bulk of the fossils in the ground were of creatures that would be regarded from our perspective today as extinct was so obvious to early Christian geologists and scientists that they were led propose creation events prior to Adam and Eve not described in the Bible. As the evidence mounted they moved to propositions that involved multiple pre-Adamic creation events.

Dutko is apparently unaware of all of this and is content to rebut with assertions to the contrary.

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