Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Chomsky Lectures

My friend HP (right wing blogger interested in hearing both sides of the debate) has requested some audio of Chomsky, so I thought I'd provide it here so others can listen if they like. Learn while you drive, workout, whatever. Just don't fall asleep while driving. The content is awesome. The style is boring.

Free Market Fantasies
Government In The Future - An older lecture laying out Chomsky's evaluation of the major government alternatives
Lecture at Brown University - Discussion of Israel Palestine Conflict
Imperial Grand Strategy - Overall understanding of US foreign policy
The Costs of War
Unipolar Moment and Culture of Imperialism - 5th Annual Edward Said Lecture
Chomsky - Perle Debate - Chomsky debates one of the great neocons and it is a bloodbath. One of the most thorough destructions involving a competent opponent I've ever heard.
Latin America
Obama's Imperialist Policies
2004 Elections
The Invasion of Iraq
On Haiti
Assault on Freedom and Democracy

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