Sunday, October 17, 2010

Northridge Church is for Liars

A co-worker spotted a billboard recently with the title above. He just assumed it was put up by some atheist group. What a bunch of jerks!! The website was something like "Beyond Belief" he told me. When you google that your first hit is The Science Network, which a Christian might think is some God hating group.

I thought that sounded strange and told my co-worker that some evangelical Christians have a mentality that says "Whoa is me, everyone is a wicked sinner and I'm the worst of all, etc." But when I did google based on his description I couldn't find anything associated with Northridge, which is one of the largest churches in the country. Maybe he was right. Some weird atheist group is responsible.

And then while on US 23 near Ann Arbor I caught a billboard with the same message (different location from what my co-worker had seen) and noted the website. As you can see it is sponsored by Northridge. Real nice.

This is a marketing strategy that seems to be catching on. Now Christians are a Bunch of Jerks. At least with this one it's clear atheists aren't responsible.


Unknown said...

So.... are you for or against this type of campaign? I saw two or three of these billboards recently coming north on 23; seemed a bit overkill.

Jon said...

I think it's poorly crafted since the party responsible for the advertising is not clear. People might presume that a group hostile to Northridge crafted it, which is what my co-worker thought.

Not a huge deal though and any confusion is probably not intentional. I posted simply to clear up potential confusion.

Anonymous said...

I have attended Northridge for 6 years now. And Our Pastor Brad had explained to us that the billboards are to tell people that to come to church you dont have to be a perfect person. No one is perfect and even "church people" have their faults. Our church wants the broken to see the billboards and now that they are accepted into the church.

Jon said...

I understand that, ccc, but what's interesting is because the ad is so vague people are mistaking it for being done by an atheist group. Another atheist friend of mine recently said that she was asked by a co-worker about it and the co-worker once again thought atheists were being obnoxious and were responsible.