Friday, June 3, 2011

Bob Dutko and I Talk Israel and the 1967 Borders

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It was a bit of a spur of the moment call, so I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to say and how it would go. So if I could do it again I'd do it a little differently. He wants to argue about whether or not he really thinks the Arab states or the Palestinians would honor a peace agreement. That's a bit speculative, so it kind of devolves to "No they wouldn't, yes they would, etc". If I could do it again I'd say regardless of whether they would honor it the fact remains that our support of them harms us. 9-11 is a consequence. The wars are a consequence and corresponding deficits. The $3 billion annual support harms us. So where is Bob's allegiance and concern? Does he want what's best for the US or Israel.

But again, I'm happy to have called in because I figure his listeners are still getting some fresh perspective.


The said...

Of course 9-11 is a consequence. 9-11 is the consequence of Islamic terrorism. 9-11 is the consequence of being one of leading western nations in the world at that time, making us the figurehead target for every Islamic terror group that wants to further it's "world-cleansing" cause.
You're drawing the conclusion 9-11 was the result of supporting Israel? Come on man, you're picking the wrong arguments. Are you saying the terror attacks in Europe, India & Indonesia are results of support for Israel as well? Europe's support for Israel is practically non-existent & please explain how the other countries linked in with bombings and killings by the "Islamic faithful" are due to ties with Israel.

We cannot afford to not support our only and strongest ally in the middle east.

And how are you bringing in the Iraq War with support for Israel?
Man,... "You're reaching", isn't even an accurate enough description.
A complete stranger would have enough in the argument you put forth to simply file you under "Anti-Semite".

Jon said...

There are many causes of Islamic terrorism, but if you were to point to the one major one I think you'd have to point to Israel. Why do I say that? Because that's precisely what OBL says. Have you read his letter to America? If not, read it. What's the #1 reason he offers? Israel.

Well, he's a liar. That's what I'm told. In fact that's what Bob Dutko told me in one of my calls to him. Well, that's not what the CIA thinks. Michael Scheuer was the senior CIA specialist responsible for tracking bin Laden from 1996 and in years following. He tells us that what bin Laden is saying is what he believes, and he basis that claim on well reasoned research. I document some of these issues here.

So what are the causes of other acts of violence? They vary by incident. So you'll have to tell me which incident you are referring to. This particular one in Jakarta was once again due to US foreign policy. Al Qaeda claimed that the attack was due to the fact that Indonesia accommodates US foreign policy and so the attack was punishment for that. So yeah, Israel is a factor there.

You say we can't afford to not support them. How so? Does it help the US to inflame the Muslim world and motivate terrorism directed against us? Does it help us to enrage people from regions that have access to the world's most important energy reserves? Does it help us to send them $3 billion per year, and Egypt another $2 billion as a buy off for them to allow Israeli crimes to continue, when we are suffering in a stagnant economy with incomes for most people on the decline and sky high deficits? Now we are in wars the world over, constantly trying to keep Iran at bay. Nobel Prize winning economists estimates the cost of the war in Iraq will be near $3 trillion when it is all said and done. Does that help us? I think only 2 countries had populations that supported this war in Iraq as it was implemented. Israel and Kuwait. So maybe it serves their interest. I fail to see how it serves ours.

Jon said...

Meant to say "Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz estimates"