Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give Michael Moore Credit

You might think that when you are hanging out with Hollywood types you're hanging out with liberals. Check out Michael Moore's acceptance speech at the Oscars in 2003. He denounces Bush and the war. Look at the Hollywood celebrities in the crowd. Do they praise him? They are uncomfortable and unwilling to be supportive. In fact Moore is getting booed extensively. He denounces a President that is "sending us to war for fictitious reasons." Rather prescient. To prevent him from saying more they queue the band and cut him off. These are your supposed liberals. Goes to show how much courage it took to make a statement like this in this patriotic atmosphere. But he was right.

Michael Moore - oscar speech by Pzychofreak

After making the movie Sicko he was invited on to Wolf Blitzer. Wolf had prepared a hit piece created by Dr. Sanjay Gupta which he played by way of introduction. Then Wolf turned to Moore to get his reaction. A total ambush. Moore handled himself spectacularly even though it was very difficult to respond to the various fabrications so rapidly. Totally slamming Wolf and CNN for their nonsense.

And if my memory is correct in every actual point of dispute between Moore and Gupta Moore was right and Gupta was wrong. Gupta said Moore was wrong to say we spend $7K per year on health care per person and in fact it was closer to $6K. The reality was by the time they did this interview it was even higher than $7K. Gupta said Moore claimed in Cuba they spend $25/person. In fact Moore had correctly stated they spend $250 per person. Gupta points out that Cuba ranks below the US in the WHO rankings but Moore had never denied that.

And I've talked before about how in 1999 Moore was doing what he could to alleviate the sanctions regime in Iraq and the consequent starvation. Watch here. At a time when nobody was talking about it. He was right then, right about the facts in Sicko, and right about our more recent invasion of Iraq, which he courageously denounced. Pretty impressive.


Sheldon said...

I give Moore lots of credit. The fact is, Hollywood types are probably "liberal" in the sense of being very accepting of LGBT etc., but in that context, they just went along with the predominant American mainstream in following Bush to war, and that includes 90% of the Democratic Party.

Chad said...

He deserves a lot of credit for playing the Lefties on his way to being filthy rich via capitalism.

What I find absolutely hilarious is that if Micheal Moore didn't open his mouth liberals would be demonizing this guy. Well - many liberals do hate him already, but you get my point. He makes millions of dollars, has a multi-million dollar homes, cars and uses capitalism to get filthy rich. He makes all that money, but donates very little - he is over 400 lbs and discusses food control. Says capitalism is Anti-Jesus, but has made millions via capitalism.

I think he is a closet conservative that knows how to play the game to get filthy rich with liberals money.

Chad said...

Sorry I hit publish before I finished my thought.

Michael Moore will say whatever he needs to say to fill up his bank account.

Jon said...

What liberal says it's wrong to make millions of dollars in principle? I hope to be a multi millionaire one day. You pretty much have to to retire in this country.

Of course some people make millions and liberals object because they do it in a way that harms others. But there's nothing intrinsically wrong with making millions of dollars. And there's nothing else a person can do in this country but "make it through capitalism." Suppose a socialist country has a millionaire but he prefers capitalism. Does this make him a hypocrite? Say a Norwegian millionaire. Would you say he's bad because he made millions with socialism even though he preaches the evils of socialism? What else are you supposed to do but earn a living within the system that you live?

Chad said...

You've missed the point.

Just like with Michael Moore and all millionare liberals who make a bunch of money - they believe that socialism/liberalism is good for the people just not for them.

Like Buffet opening his mouth about what he pays while fighting the gov't to not pay his 1 Billion dollar tax bill for his company.

Jon said...

OK, so when you retire are you going to take a Social Security check? Or would that make you a hypocrite since you don't believe in it?

Chad said...

It is my money that has been illegally taken from me - probably won't be anything in the account but hell yeah I will take my money back.

Hopefully and most likely there will be an opt out after the net election and I will be running to do that. At the very least my kids will have the opportunity for a private retirement fund which is GREAT!

Jon said...

So you are a hypocrite for participating in a socialist program just like Michael Moore is a hypocrite for participating in capitalism.

Examinator said...
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Examinator said...

What has MM's wealth got to do with anything?
The acid test is :- Is there truth in what he says?....yes!
Truth is independent of the speaker. it has to be as there are no perfect people to speak it.

Think of it this way, if he didn't have his wealth etc. who/how would hear what he has to say?
IMO he and Gore are similar in style, in that both say what and how it needs to be said....
Are either of them Scientifically/philosophically accurate....hmmmm but then again they ARE communicating at the public's level of competence.