Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Guy Writer's Occupy Experience

Patrick Meighan describes what it was like to get arrested by the LAPD for peacefully protesting. Read it here. H/T Greenwald. Frank Zappa put it as follows:


Chad said...

"When the LAPD finally began arresting those of us interlocked around the symbolic tent"

Was that the Rape Tent or the Drug Tent I wonder?

Chad said...

Since this guy is one of the fake phony liberals who live in the 1%, he probably was in the good neighborhood of occupy.

2 things - the city said they were coming to clean out the losers there, why was he shocked. Second - what say you about these pics/reports about the utter filth of these parasites?

Chad said...

Jon said...

Oh my. Bags and tents. Pants and socks hanging out to dry. What a horror.

I think the phony label is the liberterian label. You do not support liberty. You support state violence and repression. You want to block people from even being able to gather and express themselves.

Any time a large group of people gather to communicate grievances you will have plastic bags laying around. People freely choosing to stay long term on public property might get a pair of pants wet to where the would need to dry. You know, you can get caught in the rain or whatever. Freedom means allowing people to do the basic things you'd expect them to need to do as part of them expressing their right to assemble and speak. It's in the Constitution, Chad.

So if you say you support the Constitution, but then when people actually exercise their Constitutional freedoms you call them losers, parasites, and support state violence against them, just admit that you oppose the Constitution and you oppose freedom. You want tyranny and oligarchy. That has nothing to do with liberterian as it has been historically understood.

Chad said...

Never mentioned hat it was unconstitutional - way to start an aguement with yourself.

I hope they stay occupied for years to be honest. The longer they stay the lower the support among the Independent voter which is what the GOP needs in 2012. Latest poll I saw outlined a double digit swing in Independents for the GOP so I say go rock stars go!