Monday, February 13, 2012

A Better Voting System

This video explains how winner take all politics tends naturally toward a two party system, and how third party campaigns actually harm the people that support that third party. This video explains an alternative voting system that would resolve this problem.


Paul said...

I clicked on the link but haven't watched the video yet. Actually, I think I may have seen it a couple of months back - I came across some of the author's videos in the past and found the ones I saw to be interesting.

Anyway - my reason for posting a comment is to ask if you have a twitter ID. Once in a while I come across a link I think you might find useful. Would be easy to share it via twitter. On a related note - though I haven't read it myself - the following might be of interested to you.

Jon said...

Thanks for the link, Paul. I am not on twitter. Should I be? When twitter first came out I found the whole thing totally bizarre. Like a status update on Facebook. Do I want to get notified when people go to the mall or whatever? But obviously people love it. I never would have guessed.

Paul said...

Whether you should be or not I cannot say. I like it and I think it has its uses.

Do I want to get notified when people go to the mall or whatever?

this is typically only true if you choose to follow someone that might tweet this kind of thing. Or if someone tweets directly at you w/ this type of thing. You can block users if you wish.