Friday, May 4, 2012

Do You Know What Happened On This Date?

Tuesday was a major holiday celebrated the world over, which originated due to events that occurred in Chicago on May 4, 1886.  The US is the origin of the holiday, but the holiday is not celebrated in the US.  Do you know about the events?  If not you can read about them here.

Today is also the anniversary of the killing of 4 students at Kent State University who were shot for expressing their objections to a grossly immoral war.  You can read about that here.

I was also told that today is Star Wars Day.  May the fourth be with you.


Examinator said...

Sorry Jon
That's US propaganda (national Mythology).... Wiki wrong again? (more reinterpretation?)
In England the 'May pole' on the first of May (May day) has been celebrated for has something to do with harvest I think.
In Australia it dates to 1856 a proletariat holiday.... but today it celebrates 8 hour Day on May 1st.
There is no celebration or mention in either country over May 4
As a re-placed American I remember Kent State though. I remember the outrage

Jon said...

My understanding is that May Day was celebrated prior to the events in 1886, but these events became a core part of the event after. I have a friend from Romania that walked up to me on May 1 and basically said what I'm saying here. "Today is May Day in remembrance of what happened in Chicago and you guys don't even celebrate it." That's basically what I take from Wiki.

Chad said...

The St. Louis Maroons beat the Chicago White Stockings 6-5. Very important game early in the season.

Examinator said...

The Australian 'left'(sic?)is politically The ALP (Australian Labor Party). It was originally a union based party.
Of note it adopted the American Spelling Labor not Labour ( the correct spelling in England and Aus) to show solidarity with the American trade Union movement.
I have no doubt that it has some impact but May 4 events are only significant in/for the US.

By comparison with say Israel. Their elite tank division have mythologised Massada ( their equivalent to 'the Alamo'. The truth is that those at Massada weren't Jews in the normal sense ….they raided and killed Talmudic Jewish villages and ate PIG among other heretical practices.
This is evidenced by English spelling V American and the semi wholesale re-definitioning of words. Nth America is the only primarily English speaking countries that do so.
Most other have added new or unique words. i.e. G'day [ good day] ( in 'Strine' the diminutive... abbreviation, slang of their nasal pronunciation of 'Australian' ). Australia's national Myths (history re write include (saint?) Ned Kelly, Eureka Stockade, Gallipoli and ignore their treatment of the Aboriginals.
The point I was making is that it is only when you live out side the States for some time you become acutely aware of the USA's extreme propaganda and political mythology ...that has the questionable underpinning that the world revolves around the US as it did in the 40's to the 60's.
This all goes to enhance the 'national solidarity' (racism by an other name). It this corralling or culturationing simply justifies behaviours that in other senses would be abhorrent.... i.e. the Tparty aggressive xenophobic polices and the Religious ratbags who insist on enforcing religiosity into the Secular state.

Chad said...

Hey Jon - this is way off this topic, but wanted to see your excitement level after France just voted in a Socialist.

This guy pledged to tax the rich and big corporations at 75% so he is a guy after your own heart.

What is interesting and something we have touched on a couple times before which was me saying that if go after the rich and tax them they will not stick around. Well ..... as fate has it, I work with a company that has their HQ in France. I do business with their USA group in Ohio. They have been watching the elections carefully and had two different plans for the future - now that Hollande has been elected they are moving forward with their plan to move several companies inside the group out of France or to sell them off.

He got elected promising things you have mentioned many times before that you want. More teachers, 75% income tax on those making a million Euros or more, ban (really) ban stock options and management bonuses, increase Capital Gains taxes, lower retirement age back to 60 (down from 62), Tax people making 450,000 to 1 million Euros at 45% and my personal fav is to restore a measure under former prime minister Michel Rocard that capped total income and wealth tax on an individual at 85%.

So a guy who earns a million Euros will come home with $250k, but if you make $999,999 you will come home with $550K - I love this guy.

The mob has spoken and this pending disaster is going to be worth the price of admission!

Paul said...

Chad -

"So a guy who earns a million Euros will come home with $250k, but if you make $999,999 you will come home with $550K"

Do you know how a progressive tax system works? It doesn't seem like it.

Examinator said...

That view is way too naïve view. Firstly they are talking NET tax. You can take it as absolute 99.9% of corporations and most very rich have phalanx of Tax minimisation attorneys and accountants to ensure they don't pay tax. In fact many corporations actually negotiate how much tax they pay. The Tax departments tend to take the pragmatic view i.e. Is it worth the multiple millions and the 10 + Years before it gets through the courts.(a sort of plea bargaining).
And that's before considered the double or off book accounting (Enron) or the subsidiary 'loans' merry go around, off shore accounts, 'non profit' subsidiaries, loans to from NP organizations Blind bank accounts, tax havens or a myriad of other tax dodges.
The owners of one prominent US mall owning corp recently was exposed with a number of numbered Accounts in Lichtenstein Bank (whistle-blower) one with $116 million undeclared income. And other accounts to allegedly funnel money to illegal settlements in Israel.
That same whistle- blower exposed 100's if not 1000's of prominent corps and rich people with numbered accounts of 'hidden ' (untaxed money) .
The Revenue dept's problem is to prove the dodgey-ness and catch the money before it disappears again.
Monsanto and others has recently been exposed playing some of these games in the British press to avoid tax due.
FYI Tax minimisation is legal but Tax avoidance isn't.
As an ex executive in a stock exchange listed Corporation I can assure you the game isn't what's legal and what isn't (a large grey area this INCLUDES 'loop holes' )it's a case of what you can get away with.
All of these options aren't available to the likes of the normal wage earner and smaller businesses.
If my memory serves me correct even Mitt indulges in some of the above.
In short I don't believe that the only reason the FRENCH conglomerate is selling off companies is tax rather they can no longer dodge it.
Keep in mind that the biggest recurrent expense for any corp is wages not TAX by a long long way.

Chad said...

Paul - my bad, two thoughts and niether one came out exactly right.

Chad said...

Interesting stuff Ex, I know that stuff goes on for sure and it would be interesting to find out to what extent. One thing about me is that I can not stand cheats like GE. We can argue about philosophy and how much a certain company should be taxes and all that, but if a corporation is playing money shell games then I hope they all go to jail my friend.

To what percent the new President played - I can't tell you that with any certainty, but it was the tipping point to take action. My US contact said that during the morning conversation with the Management Team a high ranking member said that in their opinion the new President will punish successful people and successful businesses and so action must be taken to preserve the company.

Bottom line - many of the rich people and successful businesses are not going to stick around and find out - what new business is planning on making France their home? Not many, if any.