Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Other Global Warming Skeptics

If you follow the debate about global warming you might be inclined to think there are two sides of the debate. On the one hand you have the majority of scientists that hold to conclusions put forward by the IPCC. Global warming is real, is man made, is a serious problem and should be addressed. On the other hand you have the skeptics. It's not even happening, or if it is it's not man made, or if it is we shouldn't do anything about it.

It's worth noticing that there is another view skeptical of the IPCC conclusions and in my view this position seems to have more credibility. The people that adhere to this view often have impeccable credentials. Their view is that things are much worse than the worst case IPCC projections. See for instance here. Why is it that we never hear from these global warming skeptics.


Chad said...

Cause and effect at it's finest.

Examinator said...

The problem with the information available is that it's incomplete/ unmeasured.
e.g. at a large open cut coal mine I know of, the freed methane levels make working at the bottom of the pit is a life threat. They are now considering remote control mining.
This and other such mines didn't exits 10 years ago

Jon said...

Fox News Fail: Global warming isn't happening, and wind turbines cause it.