Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paul Krugman Debates Two British Austerians


Chad said...

Krugman tried to diss Ron Paul and got spanked. Does anyone take Paul Krugman seriously that is not a Liberal nut job?

Jon said...

Megan McArdle said that Krugman has more economic knowledge in his little finger than she does in her whole body. Or words to that effect. Ask HP if he's taken seriously. And with good reason. His predictions have been spot on.

Contrast with Ron Paul and his constant "Zimbabwe like inflation is just around the corner." I made a bet with a Paul bot at work about inflation last year, after watching Paul be wrong about it over and over and Krugman right. I said inflation would stay low and remain low for the next year, assuming no major policy shifts. I send this guy the updates every month so he gets the latest inflation figures. It will be a year in August. Krugman right again. Paul wrong. Old news at this point. So yeah, even conservatives take Krugman seriously.

Who besides the right wing extremists takes Ron Paul seriously? Who besides those that refuse to allow facts to inform their thinking? But I repeat myself.

Chad said...

I guess that I made the mistake of assuming that Krugman won the debate in question. Waching the video for the first time today, he performed very very poorly against a couple of business people - normal people if you will.

Thank to your blog, I have started to do some research on Krugman and I am beginning to feel as if he doesn't really believe in what he is promoting any longer. I really think that he is having difficulty defending his positions - a lot of the things he promotes has been tried and they are failing miserably - his running out of corners to paint himself in.