Monday, July 23, 2012

Iceland Arrested Bankers Instead of Bailing Them Out

Cenk discusses how it turned out.

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Examinator said...

Apart from the emotive delivery I have to agree.... albeit with my usual caveats. i.e. it isn't quite that simple, it never is.
Following this line take a look at this ... Dick Smith is an Aussie icon, a rags to riches capitalist but has always maintained a huge social responsibility. Many of his successful businesses have donate much of their profits to the betterment of people. He appears a little hypocritical at times . However, I've dealt with him and MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT HE'S A SHREWD BUSINESS MAN and he always plays the strategic long game. I would suggest that this is his end strategy ...the previous statement the interviewer refers to were the opening gambit.
Again like him I have no problem with making money much and endless growth is IS IMPOSSIBLE.
A French thinker one said ..." All luxuries must be paid for ...and the Earth is but one."