Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anti Capitalist Rant

Pretty interesting. Skip ahead to 1:22 to hear the start of the rant. The prior portion is a little intro by a different speaker.


Examinator said...

Rant is the operative word.To my mind his selective use of evidence and Hyperbole puts the truth in his claims at risk.
His first problem is that he assumes an extreme definition of capitalism rather than actually defining capitalism.
Greed is human nature we are all Malthusian inclined to some extent.
Striving to succeed is inmate in our species. Therefore it is a good motivator.
He is assuming that the current VARIANT of capitalism it the only one possible! It simply isn't.
A good argument if one is about to launch into (an equally dysfunctional/ unworkable)
Communist or pure(?) socialist alternative.
The real question is HOW DO WE Make it Work for people.Let's forget silly emotional Labels and design a system that works. Logic dictates it would involve bits of all of them.
What ever it will be it will be a compromise which democracy is.

Jon said...

Ex, what extreme definition of capitalism do you think he assumed?

I think he was speaking more broadly, not claiming a certain variant of capitalism is the only one possible. When you say that almost the entire world is capitalist you have to accept that under that umbrella exists a whole variety, from the more Laissez-Faire variety we see in Haiti and Africa to the more interventionist variety we see in China and India.