Monday, February 11, 2013

Voices From the Other Side

I stumbled upon a few different commentaries recently of people familiar that have experience with the "other side" that I thought were interesting.  The "other side" meaning people in countries on the US enemies list.  It's always difficult to filter through the US propaganda system and know what's going on, so I think these first hand accounts, none of which are via corporate media, are informative.

Here's one from a historian discussing the difference between Soviet movies and movies in the US.  Did the Soviets similarly portray the US as the villain that is vanquished by the handsome hero from an eastern bloc country?

The next is from a guy that recently visited Cuba and offers pictures of decked pimped vehicles.

Finally a German citizen went to Pyongyang.  He talks about the treatment he received from his handlers, what they were like, what restrictions were placed on him.  Very informative.  I didn't even know Americans likewise could travel to N Korea.

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Examinator said...

apparently there were some warning about "voices from the other side" well about zombies anyway!
How about the bozo executive who went on air saying " some might find warnings about zombies funny ....but when you DIG into the issue it isn't"... You mean they're real? So that explains my sister in law.
I have to be honest I agree with TWIB FM women presenters it's hilariously dumb.

I'm surprised that you didn't appear to be aware of the other side of the mirror from "enemies".
Let's be honest when you watch show after show that paints Iranians as both dumb and Arabs(i.e. a few good US forces can defeat patoons of them.)
they are neither. Likewise the Chinese and the North Koreans.
Unless you've lived overseas you are unlikely to hear/ see what most of the world 'really think of the US BS.'
I watched State of the union and the response with an assorted nationalities and you really don't want to know the comments and giggles the speeches generated.
POTUS wants to tie CPI with the minimum wage most watching asked what century are they in? it's been that way for decades here.
Kindergarden is a public reality and it doesn't cost $500 per week more like $25.
The list went on and on .
Head scratching all round " and they call themselves the greatest nation on earth??!! by what standard? The world's much safer because of America? really?"
As for Rubio's the common consensus was "hyperbole, hyperbole and bull shit! not a fact to be uttered." someone even logged into Twib FM turned down the TV sound and they played Gregorian chants and choir behind it.It really got some laughs and ridicule.
Over all the consensus was that the US public must be dumb as fence posts, to accept this as *important* speeches. Even the advertising and marketing people groaned at some of the puerile assertions and staging. I was interrogated by many as to if I thought these speeches would be well accepted by the Americans.
In short Jon the American public is perceived as cocooned in it's own echo chamber. and these speeches and staging merely entrenches this view.