Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Blood For Oil

The mantra of the peace movement in the protests against the invasion of Iraq was widely panned and dismissed as conspiracy minded lunacy.  Glenn Greenwald considers David Frum's so called mea culpa where he makes some interesting admissions.  Of course it was about oil.  Once again the so called extremists liberals, the ones who hold positions more in line with the majority of Americans, and certainly more in line with the people of the world, were right all along.  Once again the right wing was wrong.

Do they ever get it right when it's controversial?  It's the same in the economic domain (not that the economic domain is unrelated to the war in Iraq).  As Krugman explains in a recent column, they are always wrong, and their errors have disastrous consequences for the poor, even though it for some reason it tends to work out fine for the rich.  Now they tell us to cut Social Security and Medicare payments, another proposal for harming the poor.  We're supposed to listen to them because they are respected.  They are establishment.  But they're always wrong.  Doesn't that matter?

Also worth a read, an Iraq war veteran, now disabled, pens a final letter to Bush and Cheney before he meets an imminent death from his injuries, calling them what they are.

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