Thursday, April 11, 2013

BBC Documentary on Child Homelessness in the US

The world's richest country is setting records in child poverty.  You probably hear more about the booming stock market and record corporate profits from US media than you do about this.  That's because those stories are more interesting to the owners and advertisers.  Wealthy people.  But this BBC documentary below follows 3 children that are members of homeless families.  Worth watching.


Examinator said...

Spot on old son
I rest my case about the notion that austerity works, For who?
I'd like to hear from the Right wing crowd how these children are going to have the same or similar opportunities as..... um their children? Hmmm?
Also consider the chances of these children being able to get mates that aren't like them... and the consequences there from.
We all know that Chad holds the unholy view that unless you're rich or upper middle class then you shouldn't breed.
I'd ask how does he know that there isn't another genius in waiting and all it will take is the opportunities afforded by a middle class income?
Jonathon, is this enough moral austerity for you?

Chad said...

Absolutely Ex - creating a life requires the responsibility to care for the life. If you can not care for the life you created then you should lose that right immediately.

You have to get a driver permit to have a lisence. There are rules on how you can drive, when and how fast but when two people make a decision to engage in a personal act and yet are not held responsible for the result - well that is just about the dumbest thing I can think of.

If a child goes hungry the parents should be put on trial not the people who actually take care of their kids.

Chad said...

If I get sauced up on scotch, jump in my car for a taco bell run at 2 am then get pulled over - I go to jail for DUI, I get a huge fine, community service, lose my license for a period of time which may cause me to lose my job essentially ruining my life, but go ahead and screw like rabbits - no penalty for that and on top of that we'll take money from one group and pay you for your ignorance and children.

Who hoo - great arguement Ex your on a roll.

Chad said...

Is there any one thing more important than having a child? Is there no more important thing that a human can do? How can anyone justify or allow two people to have a child without means and to push the responsibility on others?

Examinator said...

reread what you wrote CAREFULLY and see if you can spot the practical and logical problems it trumpets.