Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chomsky Interviewed on Fox News Radio

A pretty good interview you can hear here.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall watching Ailes or Murdoch as they listened, if they had.


Examinator said...

Off topic and simply off take a look at this, something that seemed to have missed the US papers or at least the ones I browse And
I'd like those odds on winning the Lottery

Examinator said...

While on NC here's a book he praises you should read it's written by a journo who I've had a fair bit of contact with.
Much of this book under pins my views.

Jon said...

Yeah, I'd heard about both of those stories. Any further information on this book? There's not much at that link except the NC endorsement.

Examinator said...

I haven't got a copy yet I don't expect a freebee but he's told me it investigates a number of corporatized prisons, detention centres etc. Serco and G4 run etc he's got hold of some sensitive details. No guesses required he's on watch lists of journalist's of both the US and Israel . Discussions I've had with him both on and off line are about Israel/ Palestine conflict, Isreal's 'extra curricular' activities, his contacts with Wiki leaks and some multi nationals. He's into refugees treatments from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka While he's a jew he's part of a freedom for the Palestinians with Green leanings.
his site is worth a browse ... he's very approachable. While much is Aussie prismed he does raise a lot of very interesting info. He travels widely... what he says about the (US) Freeport mine (spit) in West Papua and their ties to the Indonesian Army is fascinating if frightening about supping with the devil. Some of my other contacts (from unexpected sources) point to well let's say Freeport has more than mud on their hands.
As I've indicated before I read WIDELY
PS "Realclimate" has a good guide to the IPCC report much easier than reading the actual data.