Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Job Growth Under Recent Presidents

When you tell people the deficit is falling fast they just don't believe it.  Obama is growing government like never before they say.  Take a look at public and private sector job growth under recent administrations.  Contrast with perceptions.  Via Calculated Risk.


Chad said...

I love it - take credit when County, State and City gov't across the country reduce their work force because they have no money.

The number of Federal Employees has grown under Obama - period.

Now - should we count the food stamp growth, unemployment extensions and all manner of freebies as gov't employees? I think so - they are on the tit then they should be counted.

Dark magic again, but its fun to play.

Chad said...

The Private Sector growth - well it had no where to go but up and unfortunately is it slow and this chart does not break down how many (especially under Obama) are part time employees. Sure the unemployment rate has fallen a little with the help of some fuzzy math, but it has come on the back of a bunch/ton of part time employment mainly - something your certainly not going to point out.

The correlation between Private sector employment and gov't employment rise under Reagan and Clinton is unfortunately the Liberal and Rhino Repub way. More money means more taxes means more programs and more people to give that money too. What could it have looked like if the public lines stayed flat or went down during those times is what I wonder - probably would have help sustain the hiring but the burden just kept up with the hiring until the burden just weighed to much and crash.

Too bad.