Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Republican House Does't Even Pretend to Serve the People

So they've now passed a law that will relieve corporations that produce hazardous waste of paying the price to clean up their spills.  Companies will no longer be required to carry insurance that will cover the costs should a spill occur.  Also this makes it more difficult for the EPA to enforce oversight.

Fortunately the Senate won't pass such a bill and even if they did Obama would veto it.  But you can still see how far gone our government is, passing legislation that only the 1% would want, the ones that care about profits only and don't suffer the consequences.  And maybe don't have kids or if they do they are too selfish to care about them.  Maybe this is only a small share of the 1%.  They have the House in their pocket already.  This kind of thing could come later as inequality expands and the rich collect more power.

This is in the very nature of capitalism.  I sometimes wonder if the CEO's and others that initiate the lobbying that leads to this kind of legislation in their hearts hope the politicians refuse, but they know they have to press for maximum profits or they will be replaced or at least criticized to where a competitor can start to look more appealing to the investors and board.  It's possible, though the best advocates of these policies are true believers.  Maybe they are psychopaths.


Examinator said...

Off topic
But here's something to really worry about.
NB the availability of some of these knick knacks then considering the politics and business current day attitudes.
Tricky Dicky and Watergate is child's play.

Examinator said...
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robb. said...

how about an amendment added to a farm bill in conference (i.e. post-floor vote) which bans individual states from enacting GM food labeling? thanks, steve king from iowa!

Examinator said...

Are you ok?
Cop his ACC deniers

Jon said...

Hi Ex, thanks for asking. Yes, I'm good, just haven't written much lately. I've had some posts that I initiated writing, but haven't followed through and published.

Jonathan said...

Just realized "The Day We Fight Back" was... yesteday. Doh.