Friday, June 27, 2014

The Myth of the 1400 Year Sunni/Shia War

An interesting article from Murtaza Hussain.  This is an excuse offered the the present chaos there.

Another excuse is that Iraqis are just not mature enough to where they are ready for democracy, so our invasion, though well intentioned, was just never feasible given how backwards they are.  Personally I think Iraqis rather don't want a US style democracy, which a recent study showed is not a democracy at all, but an oligarchy.


Proud Shia Muslim GIRL said...

Actually it is a myth and this is coming from one part of the divide

it was never a war it was a split of believes and if you dont believe me then do more research no person should think that it is possible to have a war that long but because of how people make us look it seems possible for us. We are all not the same. Just because we have a different skin color or a different belief does not mean that we are bad people like you make us look like.
This is coming from a Proud Shia Muslim Age: 12

Proud Shia Muslim GIRL said...

Dont Under estimate us