Sunday, October 12, 2014

China vs India

I participated in a discussion at the comment section of David Friedman's blog regarding the atrocities of Mao in China.  Something to watch for in public discourse in the US is the kinds of atrocities that get discussed and the kind that don't.  Everyone knows about the famines in China.  Also the famines in the Ukraine under Stalin.  Stalin and Mao are justly condemned for this.  But death tolls that result from "friendly" institutions are usually less well known, even though the death tolls might be larger.  This is some of what we discussed.

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Examinator said...

the problem I have with the argument put by your opponent on the web site is that he make a fundamental flaw in his logic.
Surely what is important are the facts and the accuracy of them not the Perceived bias of the author.
Consider this Chad is largely a mass of dyed in the wool prejudices (biases) but logic dictates that doesn't invalidate him as a genuine source of truth and or insightful observations....worthy of reading/ considering! Logic also dictates that to prejudge what he writes is to facilitate the one thing you lament in the above topic...the end of reasoned discourse and trenchant polarisation of positions.
Now that I've been a way from the states for a few years I can observe that in comparison with other countries, how hopelessly trenchant polarised the US is.
I would observe that the only plausible result of a "dog eat dog" cultural setting, is an almighty dog fight one, in which no dog is unscathed.
Debate in The US is largely multiple "sides" yelling at the other, both refusing to listen to the other. Each become more entrenched in their beliefs (read emotional reasoning). Each discussion becomes a battle for ones' pride or integrity rather than the functional(as we understand it) truth.
The truism of societies is simply Together we are great divided we fall.
One should note that even at the height of the Roman empire their strength lay in their inclusiveness. EG the most common language spoken in Rome was Greek not Latin. When they conquered a nation they incorporated their gods into their pantheon.