Sunday, June 28, 2015

Very Glad Bernie is Running for President

What's tough listening to right wing radio is when they get upset about Hillary's supposed progressive positions.  Hillary wants to raise the minimum wage to $15.  Hillary is a pacifist, she'll gut the defense budget.  She'll regulate Wall St.  When both sides of the debate agree on something it's tough to break through and get people to recognize that no, that's not who she is.  She has a long track record of support for and from Wall St.  Support for war, hostility to unions.  Yet she's trying to pass herself off as a person that actually subscribes to progressive opinions.  In fact she's owned by various corporate boards just as Republicans are controlled by corporate boards (though in a lot of cases it's different corporate boards).

With Bernie you do get a guy that genuinely does care about people first, not the Chamber of Commerce and Wall St.  Even Ann Coulter understands that.  Take a look at where the monetary support for Bernie comes from as contrasted with Hillary.

Can he win?  I don't know.  Can the devastating effects of global warming be stopped?  I don't know.  But what else can you do but push forward based on the assumption that good things can happen?  If you sit back and assume you can't overcome these challenges that you definitely won't.

Here's a really good interview with Bernie that covers a lot of ground.  Maybe prior to 2008 you would expect more people to call his opinions crazy, but it's more getting to the point where you have to call it common sense.  Corruption is legal in the US, and the result is that the US is not a democracy but an oligarchy.  So though even the IMF, despite it's long history of imposing trickle down economics throughout the world, is now admitting that trickle down economics doesn't work, our politicians continue to act on the assumption that it does work.  The US system of for profit health care sucks.  Global warming is real, is caused by man, and needs to be mitigated if we're going to avoid devastating consequences.

Bernie isn't perfect, but he admits these obvious things and really does want to address them.  Hillary will admit them but probably has no intention of dealing with them.  She's Obama 2.0.  Even that is better than the Republicans, who are off the reservation chasing Koch money rather than facing reality.  So I'll prefer a Hillary victory to a Republican one.  But it would be so nice to have an honest progressive rather than a fake one.


HispanicPundit said...

So glad he is running too! Almost want to send money to his political campaign...hoping he stays in the race to the very end. Just like Nader did in 2000. :-)

Jon said...

Sorry man, he's already committed to support the Democratic nominee if he doesn't win the nomination.

Do you prefer to see an honest person on the D side rather than just nominating Hillary like it's a foregone conclusion? At least Republicans believe their own nonsense. I think a lot of them genuinely think the earth is cooling or that the solution is tax cuts for the rich. They're delusional but at least they are honest, some of them anyway. Some may be cynics lying to please their wealthy backers, but I think some really believe it. I have to respect them more than Hillary.

Paul said...

Wifey and I love Bernie. We were lucky enough to have been at his rally here in Houston with about 8k others. I have Bernie signs in 2 home windows, and we both have Bernie bumper stickers we made up.

CNN stated his rallies are attended by more people than all of the other Presidential candidates from both parties combined! [Usually I vote Green Party, but until they get their "green" together and support nuclear energy, I cannot give them any more of my greenbacks.]

I have started the hashtags

#HillaryDropOut and

hoping to get them some traction. America, and the world* need Bernie.

(*I have friends in France and India, both of whom seem to follow American politics more than about 70% of Americans, and they both want Bernie!)

Paul Pearson
Houston, TX