Friday, September 29, 2017

Stop Resisting-Police Execute a Search Warrant

I'm really just posting this here because I keep losing it and I like to share with others sometimes.

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Paul said...

Scumbags. These pigs are simply Scumbags. The young man is in college to improve the lives of himself and his family and his money -- which was supposed to be used to acquire machinery to expand his business -- gets 'confiscated' just because it is on him? I have some cash on me right now. If it's on my person it gets confiscated, whereas if it's in my console or on my nightstand it doesn't? That is simply bullshit. Having been a Treasury investigator in the early '90s, I was there when the shift to presumed guilt began. And it is taking our country in the entirely wrong direction.

So all of this because at one time he 'may' have had some herb in his bag? That doesn't mean he has even enough herb to do a bong hit, but he looses his business because of a tenth of a gram of shake? These pigs need to be fired, or better yet, set on fire.