Saturday, December 3, 2022

Links regarding Russia/Ukraine and alleged war crimes

Mass graves filled by Ukraine's fascist Tornado Battalion are uncovered from 2015.

From 2016, a top Ukrainian lawmaker discusses the Tornado Battalion's rape of many, including a baby.  The evidence is phone recorded videos.  After their conviction and imprisonment Zelensky had them released to fight Russia.

Russians accused of using Viagra to rape women.  UN official that espouses this claim has no evidential basis for it and doesn't care.  More baseless rape allegations lead to firing of Ukrainian official.

Just prior to Ukraine's entry into Bucha we have a video of Ukrainians killing civilians aligned with Russia as signified by the white arm bands  This is a few miles from Bucha.  In Bucha after Ukraine enters a city they announce a cleansing operation of what they call Russian saboteurs and accomplices.  Many of the executed have white arm bands or have hands tied with a white cloth that may have been their arm band (see here).  A Ukrainian military leader is reported to have posted a video (link within this article) where a soldier asks if it is OK to shoot people without the blue arm band.  The blue band signifies alliance with Ukraine.  The response is yes.  The NY Times publishes satellite images showing bodies in the streets prior to the Russian withdrawal.  The Guardian publishes evidence that people were killed with cluster munitions, which they attribute to Russia.  Russia had complete control of the city at the time, so it's not explained why they would be shelling their own city.  The article points out that though they are not banned by international law human rights groups have sought to ban them.  We know Ukraine uses these kinds of munitions.  In this video Scott Ritter claims that Ukraine showed the rounds that were used to fire the flechettes and it turns out they were 120 mm rounds which Russia doesn't use but Ukraine does.  Many months after the claims attributing this crime to Russia are made PBS does a piece on the crime and still doesn't have good evidence.

AP reports a Russian attack on Poland based on "anonymous sources".  This has potential to spark WWIII.  The claim is later admitted to be false.

An attack on a residential building in Kramatorsk is blamed on Russia.  Later it is recognized that the missile came from Ukraine.

When Ukrainians take control of a city they say that they hunt down what they see as collaborators and shoot them like pigs.

Russian POWs beaten and shot in the legs.

Here 3 Russian POWs forced to their knees where they are executed.

Open swastika display in Ukrainian mall.

Ukrainian soldiers have a trembling man in a makeshift coffin.  I did read reports that the coffin was burned with the man inside.

Several Russian soldiers ordered to lie on their stomach, they are executed with head shots.

Ukrainian fascist Maksym Zhorin publishes a video showing bodies of civilians being dumped into a mass graveHe later implied that Russia was responsible after deleting it from his Telegram channel.

A collection of western headlines about Ukraine's Nazi problem prior to February, now being downplayed to manufacture American consent for our support of the same people.

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