Friday, October 2, 2009

Compendium of McMurtry Arguments

I took some notes when I went to see "Dr" Grady McMurtry. You can peruse this for a sense of what he's offering in his frequent lectures in churches, which seem to be well attended.

1-Evolutionists live and die by the following 8 words. "Give me enough time and anything can happen."
2-If you rolled dice a billion times a second you would never get 7's 27 consecutive times even if you rolled a billion times every second (I didn't note if he put a time limit on it. This sounded surprising to me, so I plan to check the math).
3-The big bang has been disproven by evolutionists. See Grady's website.
4-You can make opel, diamonds, and gold very quickly artificially.
5-In 1942 a WWII aircraft was ditched in Greenland. When people went to recover it they found it was buried under 250 ft of ice and snow. Apparently this proves that ice and snow accumulate quickly, countering the old earth argument regarding ice core samples.
6-If someone tells you that they dated a dinosaur bone to be 65 million years old using C-14, respond by laughing in their face. Let's all practice laughing at these evolutionists. (Which evolutionists think C-14 dating works when the object is over 60 million years old?)
7-Various lava flows and rocks are known to be younger than a few hundred years (Sunset Crater, Hualalai in Hawaii) yet radiometric dating methods claim they are millions of years old.
8-In 1944 in Upshur County, WV a bell was found embedded in rock that is 300 million years old.
9-A distance referred to as the "Roche" distance shows that the moon should have broken up and formed a ring based on old earth assumptions. Also at the moon's rate of regression from the earth if you back up in time it would have hit us 1.6 billion years ago.
10-Dr Barry Setterfield, and some other Russian scientist apparently have shown that the speed of light was 10,000,000 times faster in the past. (Consider the e=mc^2 implications).
11-The spinning rate of galaxies is too fast. If the universe were older they wouldn't still be spinning at this rate. The Milky Way "rotates" at 245 km/sec (this is not a rotation rate, but a linear rate, but that's what he said).
12-Star formation has never been observed.
13-The sun's rotation rate is too fast. If it were 4.5 billion years old it would have slowed to the point where it wouldn't spin as it currently does.
14-Comets lose material as they pass by the sun. If our solar system was really 4.5 billion years old long period comets wouldn't exist anymore. (The answer is the Oort Cloud, though I know young earther's ridicule that explanation because it can't be directly observed.)

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Jon said...

"Checking the math" meant letting the "co-contributor" Bill do the work here. Love your posts here, Bill.

Bill confirms that Grady's probably right on point 2. Bill's quick math indicated on average it would take about 4000 years with a billion roles a second to get 27 consecutive 7's. Good to know. How to work it out? Simple. Use a Markov Chain. Well OK then.