Friday, October 9, 2009

The Obama Record on Peace

To Obama's credit I think even he is a little embarrassed to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He hasn't really had much of a chance to do anything and he knows that.

But I want to provide a brief overview of some of the things I've documented about his record. If this is peace, what would anti-peace look like?

During the early part of his presidency, Obama was fighting tooth and nail to retain Bush's torture prisons in Afghanistan. See here.

Like Bush he's fighting for indefinite detention of prisoners without charge. See here.

His supposed promises to pull troops out of Iraq are now gone. He's basically on the Bush timetable. See here.

Still tapping our phones. See here.

His bombing campaigns in Pakistan are absolutely outrageous, driving 2.4 million people into refugee camps. See here.

The number of boots on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan are up when you consider that Obama is adding mercenaries via Blackwater (or Xe if you prefer). Here is a must watch discussion with Bill Moyers on this topic.

In Israel we're seeing outrageous war crimes perpetuated against civilians in Gaza, including the dumping of chemical weapons on these people, which Israel has admitted. Obama responds by pressuring the Palestinian Authority to keep quiet about it and did nothing to slow that onslaught back around the turn of the year.

He's also giving Israel the go-ahead to expand settlement construction, an outrageous violation of international law and obstacle to peace.

Columbia probably has the worst human rights record in the Western Hemisphere. No matter. Obama still supports their right wing thug dictator.

I seem to recall that OBL had said that he doesn't want a Democrat to win the White House because he believes that Democrats are just as much a war mongering party but somehow trick people into thinking they are peaceful. So the world goes to sleep as they rampage everywhere. Unfortunately I can't seem to track that quote down, but if OBL did say it I'd have to say he's right.

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