Tuesday, April 13, 2010

President of Liberty Seminary Falsifying Bio?

It would appear that Ergun Caner, President of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, has been falsifying his bio. He's always struck me as a little bit into it for the glory. James White's reference to his photos as Glamour Shots cracked me up a while back and was spot on. Today these photos give a 404 screen when you try and view it.

Anyway it would seem that he wants to emphasize his Muslim upbringing. Sounds like the padding of a bio to provide an exciting and compelling testimonial. He would have us believe he came to the states at the age of 15 to be a jihadist. The facts indicate he's lived in Ohio since the age of 4.

Here's a funny one. To prop his biography he talks about Muslims he's debated. Shabir Ally is one, though Shabir apparently has no recollection. It's not just Shabir. How about that debate with "Abdul Saleeb". Apparently this "ex-Muslim" Caner, steeped in Islamic thought before his conversion to Christianity, is unaware that "Abdul Saleeb" is a pseudonym that actually means "servant of the cross" in Arabic. He's the co-author, with christian apologist Norman Geisler of "Answering Islam." Why he would defend Christianity against "Abdul Saleeb"?

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