Thursday, August 19, 2010

Those South Sea Islands

What of these nations you've never heard of that sometimes vote along with the United States and Israel against the world opposing a peaceful resolution to the situation in Palestine? Here's the complete roll call.

So you've got Australia, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States of), Nauru, Palau, and the United States. Australia isn't a big shock. They seem to be kind of the junior partner, like Britain, sometimes going along with US imperialism so as to reap corresponding benefits. Israel and the US? They're always there and we know that.

What of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau?

It happens that at Wikipedia I was looking at foreign aid and certain south sea islands popped out at me as being somewhat off the chart in terms of the foreign aid they receive. Micronesia, Marshall Island, and Palau.

I suppose this is not shocking. But it's another indication of how extreme Israeli and US rejectionism is. The vote would probably be like 150 to only 2 or 3 consistently if these south sea islands weren't being bought off.


HispanicPundit said...

Lets also not forget that all of the Arab countries can be discarded just as easily as Israel can.

That leaves Europe and most of Asia. Given that Europe has far more voting Arabs than Jews, one can make a strong dismissive argument there.

Then that just leaves Asia. And Asia goes where ever the natural resources are.

In the end, not as one sided as you think, given the incentives.

Jon said...

140-3 is not one sided you say. What would one sided look like?

Asia goes where the resources are. I don't know what that means in this context.