Wednesday, August 18, 2010

US Marines Duped by Fake Jihadist/Fake Ex Muslim and President of Liberty Seminary

Unfortunately it would seem to me that many Christians are prone to anti-Muslim bigotry. Ergun Caner recognized this after 9/11, so he pretended to be a formerly dedicated Muslim ex-jihadist. He could invent stories that gullible Christians would enjoy about how Muslims are bloodthirsty crazies that want nothing more than to see Christians slaughtered.

The fakery made him a star. Before he knew it he was President of a major Christian seminary. He was the guy called in to train marines in the jihadi ways of all those Muslims that needed to be killed over in those oil rich regions.

The guy would pretend he could speak Arabic and would literally invent Arabic sounding phrases to deceive his gullible audiences. He'd describe Islamic beliefs and get basic things wrong. Some really hilarious stuff. An absolutely pathetic display.

Having been busted he's not saying much about it. But he has apparently hired an Indian based PR firm to spam the web and divert people from discovering these embarrassing details.

One would think Christians would abandon him in droves. Some have. But many stand by him and make excuses for his transparent lies. Such as Norman Geisler, John Ankerberg, Ron Rhodes, and others. Punishment at Liberty has been mild. He's been demoted from President to Professor.

Geisler's defense reads much like his apologetics. Seriously. What's sad is that I once regarded him as an intellectual titan.


Darf Ferrara said...

Do you currently consider Noam Chomsky to be an intellectual titan?

Jon said...

Touche my young son.

Hopefully I've learned from that. Honestly I take positions strenuously even if I'm not fully informed on them partly to just learn weaknesses and understand the issues more quickly. So for instance I think your arguments and HP's arguments have helped shape my thinking maybe more than you might know. So it's really not just slavishly following the leader of the day, though it would look that way the way I argue.

Chomsky is an intellectual titan though as all serious people know. I'm finding I disagree with him on BDS and the Lobby though. Also for instance in the Weir interview I thought he was needlessly hostile while Weir was not rude at all. Though she probably annoyed him by lining up one of his harshest and persistent critics as the first caller, a person Chomsky seems to try and avoid.

DagoodS said...

Gotta love Geisler’s argument!

1) The Bible confuses dates and is inerrant.
2) Dr. Craner confused dates.
3) Therefore Dr. Craner is inerrant.

Jon said...

That's hilarious. If the Bible is without error than so is Dr. Caner. Makes sense sort of.