Friday, February 25, 2011

Cause For Concern-Raymond Davis in Pakistan

Have you heard of Raymond Davis? This is some scary crap. He's an American that shot two Pakistani individuals that he claims were trying to rob him. After he shot them he called friends who rushed to his aid. Those two friends crushed and killed a motorcyclist on their way to assist Davis. Davis was taken into custody by Pakistani officials. The two friends flew the coop and escaped to America.

Immediately the Obama administration demanded that he be released, claiming he's entitled to immunity as a diplomat working for the State Department. They even sent John Kerry to Pakistan to get him back. But Pakistan, fearing a public uprising such as what has been happening throughout the Middle East and other regions including, shockingly, North Korea, have refused saying he must be tried under Pakistani law.

It turns out Davis doesn't work for State. In fact he works for the CIA. Establishment media knew the Obama claims were lies, but they were directed by Obama to keep quiet about it. When foreign press revealed that he was CIA the NY Times dutifully checked with Obama to see if they were now free to report truth to Americans. Obama gave them the green light.

What's Davis up to over there? According to the Hindustan Times (I don't know how credible they are) he is "working on a plan to give credence to the American notion that Pakistan's nuclear weapons are not safe." What the hell does that mean?

I have no idea, but it can't be good. But I can tell you what they think in Pakistan. Just Google "Raymond Davis nuclear" and you'll immediately see reports, all foreign as far as I can tell, that according to Russian intelligence Davis is attempting to smuggle nuclear material to Al Qaeda. Do I believe that's true? I cannot find a credible source for it. Much of it appears to stem from here. The site itself doesn't seem very credible and sources for the claim are not provided.

But I think it's newsworthy that this belief is widely held in Pakistan, a nuclear armed country. I don't see that it's being discussed in US news sources. And I'm rather pissed that the CIA is running around in Pakistan shooting people, increasing the likelihood of retaliatory terrorism directed against Americans. It would be nice if our government regarded reducing terrorism as a priority. They should start by ending their participation in it.

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