Friday, February 4, 2011

McCain on Dangerous Virus of Democracy in Middle East

We must contain the virus or the rot will spread to others.

It's been obvious for a long time the contempt that many US politicians have of democracy. I think the only Arab democracy in the Middle East to this point is Hamas. We all know how top US politicians feel about them. For those that think Iraq had anything to do with bringing democracy to suffering people, here's McCain making the standard position more explicit.


HispanicPundit said...

I watched the video. Its debatable that he means Democracy. When he says "virus", he seems to mean "the tendency of countries propping up - Democratic or not - that don't recognize Israel".

Now, granted, this is probably dispicable on some other level - specifically, of putting Israel's interests so high.

I just don't think it's all that clear that Democracy is what he is talking about.

Jon said...

No democratic Middle Eastern Arab state would recognize Israel in it's present occupying state. Iraq wouldn't. Saddam didn't, but neither would a democratic Iraq. Yet you still think we went to Iraq in order to bring democracy?

He said that it's "regrettable" that Mubarak must now step aside. He's now talking about the Muslim brotherhood as being extremists Muslims. The most extremist Muslims in the region are the theocratic rulers of Saudi Arabia. He's never indicated he has a problem with them. He presumably supported the Mujahadeen/Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. Crazy extremist religionists. No problem there. But there's a problem now in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. This is because the claim about religious extremism is a ruse. The common thread is if you are independent you are bad.