Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The So Called Liberal Media - Tom Braden

We all know the CNN show "Crossfire". You got one guy from the right and another from the left. When the show started the person on the right was Pat Buchanan. We all know Pat Buchanan and there's little debate about his right wing credentials. Take a look at this guy they put in to stand for the left. Tom Braden. Who was Tom Braden? Not a very well known guy. What were his left wing credentials?

Tom Braden was apparently an ex-CIA operative. He cut his teeth during the Cold War infiltrating trade unions in efforts to undermine Soviet influence. He worked to undermine strike efforts in Italy, using CIA money to pay people to work as scabs. He was involved in a series of CIA front groups and bribes involving journalists.

The left wing journal "Ramparts" was set to publish some of the details of these CIA activities attempting to undermine democracy in Europe and so the CIA unleashed a series of dirty tricks in order to prevent publication. "Ramparts" published anyway, and in response Tom Braden wrote an article for "The Saturday Evening Post". It was called I'm Glad the CIA is Immoral.

With credentials like that he qualifies as a so called liberal in mainstream media.

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