Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obama the Right Wing Extremist

Only the most extreme right wingers defended Israel when they invaded Gaza in 2008, dumping chemical weapons on two hospitals among many other egregious crimes.  Only the extremists are ready to defend the execution of people on the aid flotillas.  One American was shot in the back of the head execution style.  Normally you expect America to defend it's own citizens from these type of things, but extremist right wingers cheer on the foreign government in this case.  Watch Obama below espouse the litany of extremist right wing positions on these issues, and also watch Finkelstein's commentary, which is very interesting in exposing Obama's cynicism.

As Finkelstein points out, at least conservatives believe what they say.  With Obama it seems he's a right wing extremist when that's where the money is, and who knows what he might say tomorrow if the money shifts.


Examinator said...

Jon this is a slightly longer version and makes F's case better.
I don't think he's actually calling Obama an right wing extremist rather he's saying that Obama doesn't believe a word he's saying being as his thinking was/is very influenced by new York liberal/ left wing Jewish thinking. He does say Obama is in the rich Jewish pocket pockets.
The point of the video is arguing that liberal/left left Jews are moving away from unconditional support for Israel.
Obama's dilemma or situation is best illustrated in this video of Noam Chomsky.

I think the notion that Obama is an extreme right winger is a little unfair or inaccurate.
Sure some of his decisions seem to be but I think of his as being like the Salvation Army who are implacably against booze and bars but do much of their collecting in them. i.e. They say "going into the house of the devil to get his money to do God's work".
In short expedience in a system he CAN'T change. "some good is better than no good".
I admit it's a weak argument but if ObamaCare sticks he has helped 50 million (US) AMERICANS.... pity about the rest of the world but he's hired by the Americans for the Americans....Just ask Chad.
Chomsky makes some interesting points.

Jon said...

Yeah, you're right. I should say that he's saying right wing extremist things, not that he's a right wing extremist, because he probably doesn't believe what he's saying as Finkelstein pointed out.

Will check out your Chomsky link (long but probably good as he always is.)