Saturday, August 18, 2012

Liberterianism and Freedom

A fascinating commentary on how liberterianism in it's modern incantation is really unfreedom. Long, but very interesting, with lots of sourcing documenting the rather surprising abridgement of freedom that exists in the workplace.


Ken said...

Hey Jon. I just want to congratulate you publicly on the effort you put into your blog. Even though I have mostly been a silent observer , it has been enjoyable to read while being interesting. We have had our debates on Facebook including this topic about libertarians. I must admit you give me a intellectual workout. Debating issues are pretty easy when your dealing with people who regurgitate right/left talking points. So , keep up the good work and, even though we dissagree on most issues, I am looking forward to seeing more posts.

Jon said...

Wow, thanks man, I really appreciate that. The idea that I got someone thinking is kind of a very rewarding part of doing the online debate thing. I don't necessarily expect it any more. I content myself with the knowledge that I'm learning from the debate experience and generally assume that what I say doesn't necessarily penetrate the brains of my critics. But to see (rarely) that it does is really cool. So I appreciate your comment (and also your criticisms, which I am learning from).

Ken said...

No problem. This whole social network thing is new, and I must admit , pretty cool.
I believe the exchange of ideas are a good thing. When we first started debating I must also admit, I would get pretty irritated. But I have come to realize that differing opinions makes you research and take a second look at the things that you believe to be true and the way they ought to be.
Anyway, keep up the good work. I'm sure it takes a lot of time and effort.