Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is Romney Really This Clueless

So I'm watching election coverage on Tuesday I heard it said that Romney had no concession speech.  He was so confident of victory he didn't write one.  Obama had one.  He said you never really know what might happen.  Not Romney.  I kind of just assumed that was bravado.  He can't seriously think there's no way he would lose.  Come to find out, no, it's true.  He's actually that clueless.  Cenk covers the story briefly below.

Can you imagine having a president that is this incapable of seeing reality?  And it wasn't just him.  Paul Ryan is stunned.  Stunned?  Really?  The truth is what they wish it to be.

You can see how they'll react in a few decades when droughts and other environmental destruction that we know will happen if we continue apace on global warming.  "Really?  All those scientists were right?  I can't believe it.  I'm shell shocked."  You're shell shocked?  Hundreds of the most informed people in the world following meticulous scientific methods almost universally reach the same conclusion, and you're shocked?  Yeah, they will be shocked.

I realize I continue to beat the same drum here, but it is urgent that humans face reality and equally urgent that we stop listening to the kind of people that refuse to do it.  We've got clear evidence of how divorced these people are from reality here.  It's pretty amazing.  But I can't say I'm shocked.


Jonathan said...

Before I found out Romney didn't have a concession speech written, I think my respect for his character and leadership was about a 2.5. Now, knowing he truly couldn't fathom that he was going to lose, nor could anyone on his team, I'd give him about an 8.

That type of determination and laser focus is what get things done, while the rest of us, sit on our butt on our couch, never daring to take a risk or be part of a movement (let alone try and lead people) and criticize.

A few years back I went all in and tried to launch my first business. It failed miserably, and I didn't see it coming - I thought I was going to make a million bucks at it. I learned from that, and have surrounded myself with successful entrepreneurs. Turns out, that's a common trait - unwavering confidence that you're going to make it happen, some way, some how.

Now I'm off on side biz number two. Am I equally convinced I'm going to be able to work for myself doing a biz I love? Absolutely. And if this biz doesn't work out, I'll fail forward and be that much closer the next time around.

I think the outrage by his critics are more telling about them and our society then about Romney.

People that label this a failure or a shortcoming have clearly never stepped out and taken major risks in their lives, otherwise they'd recognize the qualities of someone with the character to do big things.

I bet if I looked long enough, I could find some very successful Dems who would give Romney props for not having a speech written. Too bad I'm too busy working on my biz then debating about someone else's attempts to succeed...

Jon said...

If we are determined enough can we just wish global warming away?

HispanicPundit said...

That may be so, but his concession speech was one of the best. Makes me respect him more, knowing he did it on the fly.

Jon said...

I don't think I am conflating the two. I think what you want in a president is a guy that faces reality. Acknowledges reality. He's not that. He's the kind of guy that says "Everything is fine." Everything is not fine. Our world is facing huge crises right now. A president needs to be able to recognize that something bad might happen. He needs to be able to see that before it happens so he can mitigate it. If Romney couldn't see this coming and wouldn't take any steps to mitigate it, what does that say about him?

Let me expand on you entrepreneur analogy. Fine, you want to be confident. Maybe that motivates you to go forward. But what if your failure means a million people die, whereas if you don't attempt to start a business nobody dies. Do I want you facing reality or being optimistic? For a president the stakes are very high. His decisions are life and death decisions.

You say I'm conflating two different types of things. Global warming and his chances of winning are separate issues. I agree. I'm not saying they are the same. But when we choose a president we have to make decisions about how we expect he would govern, and we do that based on his past behavior. Does he face reality? Not in this case. It's certainly possible he is just ignoring reality in this one case and would face it for others for reasons you state. It's also possible that he wouldn't. Have you heard what he's said about global warming?

Jon said...

HP, facing reality for you means you have to admit that sometimes even Republicans do things that can be criticized. You don't have to spin it into something that is praiseworthy.

This was one of the things I tried to emphasize to so many of my Republican friends. They talk like Romney is awesome. Why can't they just say that he sucks, which is obviously true, and then just say they plan to vote for him because he's better than Obama? I got all these pro-life friends acting like Romney is awesome. Hey, vote for him if you like. But he was a dedicated pro-choice person and has clearly flip flopped for convenience. Just admit that this sucks and you'd rather have someone that is principled. But no, often they can't do it. It's like a football game. They have to cheer for their team. They can't ever say anything bad about their team. Come one man, face reality. You can say something bad about Romney. Besides, the election is over.

Chad said...

Winners and leaders believe that they will win all the way until the scoreboard reads 00:00. If you don't practice and prepare with winning as the only goal thenmyou've already lost.

I agree with a previous poster, I never felt a real connection with Romney - he is not my first, second, third or tenth choice, but when he said he didn't have a speech ready I was impressed then watching his concession speech I was really impressed. That guy has more leadership in his hand than Obama has in his entire body.

Examinator said...

Eating fortune cookies again I see.

You show me a business negotiator who doesn't have a fall back position.

Show me a general who doesn't contemplate and plan for things simply not going to expectation.
Look up General Sun Tzu's wisdom on the matter.
BTW West Point, Sandhurst, Duntroon etc. all teach Sun Tzu strategies and planning for retreat.

Chad old son you're talking about the charge of the light brigade tactics
Clearly you don't read WW1 history
it was full of 19th century tactics that didn't allow for orderly retreats and that ended with mass carnage.

You really need to get away from your
black or white thinking and pop a bit more.

Examinator said...

There is a difference between utter head strong stupidity and taking a calculated risk.

I've put my life on the line more than once but never without considering the possible consequences. to do otherwise is simply irresponsible.

I agree with Jon when you have the sort of responsibility of say a prez the last thing any country needs is a gun ho madman who hasn't planed an escape route just in case.
Notwithstanding I don't believe that Romney hadn't preplanned, vetted it with his PR people if not rehearsed the "gee I didn't write a concession speech"speech.

My suspicion is that he said was to maintain the notion of the loss was questionable... leaving the door open for perhaps yet another try. How else could he maintain any credibility amongst the faithful right wing sheeple.

I seen and helped write to many so called surprised 'defeats' to believe otherwise.