Wednesday, November 21, 2012

North Korean Propaganda Film

Apparently North Korea has created an anti-US propaganda film.  I find this kind of thing very interesting because I enjoy seeing how we are viewed from the perspective of others.  The whole film can be viewed here, but for just a taste check out the 12 minute clip embedded below.

You'll see some silliness here.  But you have to admit that in some cases they make valid points.  I'm kind of reminded of this short Bill Maher clip that I have below.  There is a problem here.


Examinator said...

Interesting perspectives,more than a little truth in them both.
Mind you the USA isn't alone in the inanities/insanities. arguably the USA does seem to be the land of the extremes.

However, as I always say context is everything. In which case some of the Nth Korean conclusions /explanations are culturally skewed.

What most people would miss/ignore is that both cultures basically have the same genetic factors (hard wired instincts and the same neuro-chemical
brains. As individuals we are pretty much the same in that research has shown that we all show similar responses to similar stimuli.

In a practical sense, culture is simply a collection of LEARNED often ritualised (normalised) responses to our environments over time. Although the actual reasons(ing)for those responses are often lost in time. Different environments (conditions+ circumstances+ knowledge)invariably result in superficial normative responses (variations in cultures).

Because of the afore mentioned hard wired instincts individuals tend to see their culture as superior to others. This is as a consequence of both our communal instinct and fight or flight.i.e. we are drawn to familiarity and learned (being that which we feel (subjective) most comfortable with.

In the final analysis we share more than we differ.

Sheldon said...

"This is Ms Paris Hilton, this narcissistic parasite......" LOL that's about right!