Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chomsky Addresses Federal Reserve/Deficits

As much as I sympathize with the Ron Paul wing of the Republican party I think some of their criticisms and proposed solutions are just not in the real world.  Very theoretical and impractical.  Chomsky takes a question from a person that is probably among the Paul faction below.


Bernard said...

I agree generally with Chomsky here but I think he missed a nuance from the questioner, who seemed to me to be reflecting chartalist/MMT ideas as much as Ron Paul.

Namely, that while the Fed had to act to prevent a total collapse of a bankrupt finance sector, the currency issuer should not be a privately owned fed reserve and doesn't even need to be a central bank, ie it could be a desk in Treasury.

Unknown said...

Why is a doctor answering questions on economics? Dr. Chopra should stick to writing about health and spirituality and leave economics to experts like Ron Paul.

Examinator said...
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