Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Proof of the Garden of Eden

Via STR I've learned of the supposed discovery of a snake with a leg. Check it out here.

Sometimes you do have to give the Bible it's due. The bible did sort of say that the ancestors of snakes had legs, just like evolutionary science likewise tells us. It's not as if the Bible claimed that the ancestors of snakes had wings which were clipped, which it might have just as easily done presuming it's all made up.

Another interesting thing that the Bible sort of gets right is that the most recent male common ancestor to all humans (referred to as Y-chromosomal Adam) is in fact younger than the most recent female common ancestor to all humans (Mitochondrial Eve). If Noah is the most recent common ancestor to all humans then the wives he brought aboard the ark would share a common ancestor that is older than Noah.

Christians get the whole thing wrong though, but I'm not going to bother to explain why right now. The point is the Bible is closer to the truth then it might have otherwise been.

I guess there might be legitimate accurate prophecies in the Bible, though I can't remember exactly where. A somewhat specific prediction was made about the outcome of a battle and I believe it was made before the events occurred, and by gum that's exactly what happened. Who'd a thunk it? Even the Bible gets it right sometimes.


Marco T Mckenna said...

what an interesting blog! You mention in your post that you won't go into how christians get it wrong right now.
Any chance of expanding on this subject?
Maybe you have, but it's been 3 years since you posted this?

Jon said...

Hi Marco. Glad you like the blog.

Are you a Christian? I'm an atheist, so if you are a Christian you're probably aware of the general science type questions that the Bible gets wrong in my opinion. For instance the Biblical authors believed the earth was flat, and the Bible reflects that belief (see here). Of course the world wide flood didn't happen. The Bible does say that new species came about through individual creative acts of God, which is inconsistent with the belief that all animals share a common ancestor, like is proved by evolution. Belief that Jesus rose from the dead is not supported by the evidence. These sorts of things the Bible gets wrong.

I like to give the Bible it's due though. There's a lot in the Bible that I think is commendable.