Sunday, September 20, 2009

What We're Up Against

Why is there so much suicide amongst the youth? Why are our streets plagued with fornicating homosexual activists parading around in a grotesque fashion? The answer is obvious. The problem is the Theory of Evolution.

If you've done online debates you may have heard similar things before. But this morning it hit home a little more for me, as I watched "Dr." Grady McMurtry of Creation Worldview Ministries explain all these things to a couple of thousand people from my area. He's in town Sunday through Wednesday at Cornerstone Church in Highland.

Atheists sometimes seem surprised at the high numbers of Americans that reject evolution, but I'm not surprised. I live in an area of Michigan that generally is affluent. Maybe upper middle class. These are well educated, smart people. This church I attended this morning is obviously well funded. The congregation has money and intelligence. And they just lapped up this stuff. When Grady says "How can you tell an evolutionist is lying? His lips are moving" they just eat it up. When well educated people like this can be persuaded based upon such flimsy, unreasonable rhetoric what hope is there for the rest of America?

The demonization of people like me is really quite staggering to behold. In addition to linking evolutionists to homosexuality and suicide I also learned of my responsibility for bestiality and abortion. I'm not kidding. This is the stuff that thousand of my neighbors are learning.

If you've never been to church to hear how they view us you owe it to yourself to go. Find an event where the subject of atheism will be discussed and observe how you are regarded. You are a threat to every decent person in this country. In order to deny what is plainly evident (the truth of the Bible) you believe that rocks turned into the first single celled organism (I literally heard this claim this morning). This irrational belief is going to turn your children into hedonistic abortionist freaks. You must be stopped at all costs.

Generally I don't care if people want to believe in religion, or reject evolution. It doesn't really hurt me when others want to believe that man was made in a garden out of mud with a talking snake 6K years ago. But when they demonize us in this way I sort of feel like a potential physical threat is brewing. The fear instilled in these believers of people like me could conceivably cause someone to do something crazy. This is a real problem.

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