Tuesday, September 28, 2010

60 Minutes on Ground Zero Mosque

It's a segment that's quite hostile to the anti-mosque crowd that's portrayed (rightly in my view) as conspiracy minded haters. So I enjoyed it.

Let me gripe about the media though a little even though I do like the segment. It's interesting to me to note when the media is ready to send out the attack dogs. Our government/major corporations/AIPAC want massive wars against people that happen to live in Muslim countries. See some staggering contrasts of who the victims are so far in the war on terror here. Maybe they want oil or maybe they want to support Israeli expansion and security. What they don't really want is a war against Islam. They're fine with the brutal regime in Saudi Arabia. They were fine when Suharto was slaughtering East Timorese from Indonesia. Really going to war against Islam would be counter productive.

So in other words, bashing those that are trying to make this a war against Islam is just fine with the corporate masters and powerful lobbyists. What's not fine with them is going after in a serious way people that are guilty of massive international crimes and crimes against humanity, whether it be the architects of various US invasions or enablers of torture. This is acceptable criticism from a corporate standpoint.

Still, it's a good segment. HT to John Loftus.

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