Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Review of Sungenis' NBFA

My recent Sungenis post got me thinking about the olden days back as a Christian debating non-Protestants. Eric Svendsen was a Reformed Protestant apologist that seemed to be a pretty decent guy. A little less abrasive than James White. I learned a lot from him. He had a discussion board and I spent a lot of time there, which was fun.

When I read Not By Faith Alone I took the time to write a review which Svendsen was good enough to post on his website. It still can be viewed here. Not badly written I must say. And I think it's apparent that I do really try to understand my opponents from their own perspective. It's very easy, and very common, to not bother reading those that disagree with you and simply read friendly sources so as to confirm your own biases. I'm proud to say I resisted that urge to some degree. Ultimately this is what lead me out of Christianity.

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